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HomeBaker Award
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Baker Award


ITSA's first traveling trophy will be for the member who has created the most unique bike for the current year. Members nominate other member's creations for this award. Photos and descriptions should be sent to ITSA via e-mail or "snail" mail. Photos sent by "snail" mail should be on a CD.


Where did the Baker Cup come from and why is it significant? The cup was donated by Bob Baker. He is one of our members from England. "It just showed up in the mail" ("post" as Bob puts it) one day.

It had a note with it.

"Hi Bob,

Hope you can use the enclosed trophy either in the ITSA Trial Series or the Dickson 2 day trial.

Bob Baker"


The next time I talked to Bob on the phone I asked him what the significance of this cup was, where it came from, and why it was important?

What he told me next was truly a phenomenal up lifting experience. He said he had no idea where he got it. He wasn't sure if it was an important award or not. He just had it, and thought it was neat, and figured we could put it to good use.


We had a good laugh as I thought it was some award that was extremely special to him. Like one he may have won in a world round or British championship. But, it wasn't and he never rode them or I don't think he did.


So, the crew took the opportunity to take this seemingly average trophy from it's dull existence and turn it into a highly coveted special ITSA award.


What better way to do that than to award it to the member who creates the most innovative twin shock machine, passing it on year after year between creative members.